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What (or Who) Do You Believe In?

February 27, 2020

This kid of mine. (Who hates when I take his photo, by the way.)

Last year, 2 weeks before Spring sports tryouts as a high school freshman, he decided to switch sports and try out for lacrosse. Baseball has always been his first love, but he knew that with the number of kids trying out for the team that his chances of making it were low. His priority was wanting to be a part of something and playing for his school, so when he heard that the lacrosse program was in need of players he switched last minute to a sport that he had NEVER played before, we spent an insane amount of money on equipment, and he got on the team.

It’s been an eventful year since then. That very first night of tryouts last year he took a hard stick to the wrist and broke it. Only we didn’t know it was broke. His supportive mother (that’s me) picked him up that first freezing cold night and when he immediately started complaining about it I told him what amounts to, this is only the first night, it’s going to be hard, you need to toughen up. Oops. He played with that broken wrist for a month, it started to heal on it’s own, and then he re-broke it swinging a baseball bat. It was only then that we realized something was really wrong (in our defense, I was an EMT for 10 years and my husband is a career fireman ... he showed none of the usual outward signs that it was broken ... still, not our finest parenting moment) and we convinced him to get an X-ray (he refused to miss a practice for this). Even with his cast on he practiced with his team as much as he was able and never missed a game or practice.

He worked hard all through the summer, fall and winter. He went to camps, did extra tournaments and took every additional practice opportunity he could either on his own at home, with a few friends after school, or with organized practices. A note: NONE of this work ethic translates to anything around the house, just to be clear. 😂

This year, the team became more competitive. With the new freshman class many more kids (many more experienced kids) have joined the program. He saw an opportunity this fall for a need with a specialty position on the team (“the face off guy” for the other lax moms) and has been working hard for that spot.

Last night he made the JV team when many others did not.

That’s not the point of today’s story.

Last night a friend that played on the team last year didn’t make the cut. My son didn’t think that was right. He felt that this kid had worked just as hard as the others. That he had taken the extra reps. That he had learned new things. That he had earned a spot. That he believed in and supported the team.

So he and another teammate went to the coach to plead their case. And their friend was added back on the roster. His coach said (and I’m totally interpreting from the few grumbled words I was offered from my almost 16 year old) in essence, “all you really need in life is a couple people who have your back”.

I’m more proud of him for standing up for his friend and for what he thought was right than anything else.

Life is hard and messy and complicated. Sometimes you will give more than you get. Other times you will receive possibly more than you deserve. We had an incredible meeting yesterday (a 3 hour lunch!) with brilliant new friends and we talked a lot about abundance. There is enough to around.

My long winded message ... Go after what you want. Fight for what (or who) is right. Don’t turn your back on those who have yours.





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