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It Was A "Flat Tire" Kind Of Day!

March 5, 2020

Truth talk this morning.


I've been struggling a good bit lately. Some challenges at home with children, taking care of issues with my mother in law's estate, plus all the normal household needs and responsibilities have me feeling pretty tapped out.


Work is fun and challenging and exciting, but home is hard, and that is extra hard when home is your favorite place to be. I love to get up early, and have for years around 5:30 am-ish. The house is quiet, I can have "my" time to do what will fill me up and that helps to get me through what for my household is one of the hardest hours of the day, and that is typically from 7-9 am. By the time everyone is ready, out the door and safely delivered to school I'm totally spent.


Only now, one of my kids has been enjoying getting up early to have his own time, another kid has been getting up early to do homework (and often looks to me for assistance), and the dogs don't even get their outside time while it is still dark thanks to the skunks. My "quiet" time is no longer quiet. And I’m feeling the effects.


Yesterday was one of those days especially. It seems like the whole house was up with me at 5:30 fussing, picking, arguing, needing something, barking (the dogs, not the kids). In true "no good deed goes unpunished" style, I had signed my oldest son up for a special event to serve breakfast at our local elementary school. While racing to pick him up after dropping off his littlest brother, I guess I took the turn too sharp into the parking lot (not guess, did) and hit hard up against the curb. Only it wasn't the curb. It was the spot on the curb where there was a drain, and instead of the rounded edge there was a straight metal edge. My nearly 16 year old opens the door and I hear a "hissing" sound as he barks that I popped the tire.


Cue the ugly cry.


My sweet almost 14 year old middle son immediately unbuckles and tries to hug me from the back seat, rubbing my arm, telling me it will be okay. It didn't feel okay, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.


Several calls to square everything away (including getting the kids to school ... and getting my car towed to the garage less than a ½ mile away), and every thing was, indeed, okay.


I need to figure out this quiet time thing. It helps me to be an all around better mom, happier person, more effective team leader and enables me to better serve my clients. Without it I’m about as flat as my tire was yesterday.


Should I lock myself in another part of the house not to be disturbed? Get up even earlier? Sleep in and stay up later to have my time?


What say you? Do you work “quiet” or “me” time into your day, and if so how?





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