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How Do You Aim?

February 25, 2020

For Christmas I got Vicky Noufal a subscription to "Masterclass" online. Because I tend to like the same things she does, I got myself one too. 🙂

Through this subscription we are able to watch a whole host of different courses taught by experts and celebrities. Really interesting things, and in small, bite sized episodes (our favorite kind).

We've both been watching one by Sara Blakely, the founder and creator of Spanx, on Entrepreneurship. In one episode Sarah is talking about goals. She was telling a story about this time that she and several other big business moguls (including Richard Branson) were on a reality show and one of their challenges was to jump off this cliff into the arms of their partner (both were harnessed, so even though it would be very scary to fall, it would be safe). Just about everyone failed the challenge. They would jump to their partner and their partner just couldn't hold on to keep them from falling.

Then it was her turn, she jumped and her partner caught her! When the show host asked her afterwards how she did it she said it was because she aimed high. Instead of aiming for his arms or waist like everyone else was doing, she set her gaze and her aim on the top of his head. By aiming higher she actually landed closer to his arms and her partner was able to catch her.

(I promise this was much more interesting to watch than my bland description!)

The bottom line ... aim higher than you hope to go. When you aim for your just good enough goal you are less likely to hit it than when you aim higher.

Do you like to aim high when you set your goals?



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