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Are You Weird?

February 18, 2020

Do you sometimes feel like maybe you are a little weird?

You set big goals, you work hard to achieve them. You strive, and learn and grow and find tremendous value in those traits. You have learned that diligence and discipline, even when you don’t really like or “have time” to do certain things (ahem, tracking ... double ahem, prospecting) is THE KEY to a strong, consistent business so you prioritize those things, even when you don’t want to. You know that even though change was never your favorite and (not so) deep down is something that you fear, you’ve figured out that not only is it necessary, that it actually energizes you. You learned long ago that keeping your eye trained on the big picture of your business (and your life) is what will prevent you from tripping over dollars to pick up nickels.

I may have been typing “you” there, but what I really meant was “I”. I’m just thinking that many of you can relate.

Does feeling this way about your business sometimes make you feel like you are the weird one? A little odd for being so driven, so diligent, so disciplined (if only I could figure out how to apply that in other areas of my life, but I digress), so focused on change, so big picture.

Maybe it’s not you.

In fact, I know it’s not you.

It’s them.

They are the weird ones.

Actually, if you think about it, we are both a little weird. Set crazy big goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them? Weird. Set comfortable goals (or don’t set them at all) and do just enough to do what it takes to get there? Weird.

What we need to do is find people who are our kind of weird, and stick with them. When you do, you won’t feel weird at all. In fact, you will feel totally normal. Fully supported in your weirdness. So much so, that weird is no longer part of your vocabulary.

Then your weird is no longer weird, it's actually your strength.



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