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Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?

February 7, 2020

Have you ever heard of "Imposter Syndrome"? Boy, oh boy, do I ever struggle with that one.

I had a lengthy conversation (more than one actually) with my husband about it this week, and then it has come up in conversations with other women at least 3 different times in the last few days, so I knew it was the right topic to cover for today.

Things people have said to me this week ...

"...somehow with all you’ve got going on you are slaying it..."

"How do you ladies make it work so flawlessly?"

"You've really got it together."

My reaction (in my mind)? Some version of, "if you only knew".

There is this pressure not to be "found out". I second guess and criticize how I look, what I wear, how my home looks.

I love to teach and coach and mentor, but what if my advice is becoming irrelevant? What if no one likes my program, but they are too nice to tell me?

On the other hand, I am completely confident and convicted in my experience, my ability to help others and to make a difference. It's an exhausting internal battle that most often rears its ugly head when I am venturing into new territory.

But if you put me on a listing appointment and I know that I will dominate.

If you give me a challenging situation and I know that I will find the right words.

The fix for me is to keep going, keep doing, practice, practice, practice. Consistency, consistency, consistency. It builds confidence and keeps the self doubt and questioning at bay.

If I've learned nothing over the years it is that I am not alone in this. Often times it is the people who seem the most successful, the most put together, the most "with it" that are the ones feeling without.

Here’s the other thing I’ve learned ... it doesn’t matter how perfect, or pretty or put together the outside of anything looks, things are almost always messy behind the scenes. In fact, I’d venture to say that the more put together it looks, the more hard work and struggles are happening to make it look that way.

I stumbled across this article (link below) with quotes from several incredible, successful people who deal with this too.

Do you struggle with Imposter Syndrome? How do you combat it?




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