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Worth The Risk.

January 23, 2020

Over the weekend my business partner Vicky Noufal received this note in the mail, which included a couple of her most recent mailings in the envelope.

This is what we are all afraid of when we market, right?

That they won't want to hear from us. That they will be angry when we reach out to offer them our services or our special discounts for working with our vendor partners.

This supports all those feelings, right?

Sure does.

But it also demonstrates how UNLIKELY this is to happen. Vicky has been in business for 15 years. Like me, she has sent THOUSANDS of postcards and mailers over the years. This is the FIRST TIME she has ever received something like this. In 18 years I've only received something like this twice. One time, just a couple years ago, a woman called and screamed at me via voicemail about a postcard I sent.

Out of easily 10,000+ mailers sent. This has happened twice.

Your chances of receiving something like this is 0.000002%.

Which means that you have a 99.999998% chance of either no response at all OR a positive response.

Isn't that worth the risk? Vicky's response to this was perfect ... because of the size of her database and the business that she does (over $30M in volume two years in a row) this one disgruntled consumer doesn't hurt quite so much. It is actually BECAUSE of the marketing that she does that she has had such significant and consistent success in her business. I suggested that she send them a note to let them know that she received their note. 😈 She decided just to remove them from her list. 😇

Have you ever received something like this? Did it change the way you market?



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