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Consistency Is Key!

December 10, 2019

In my over 17 years in real estate, time spent as a managing broker and a team leader, and my over 5 years since founding this group, one of the most consistent challenges I hear from Realtors® is surrounding prospecting ...

-Not knowing what to do
-Not having time/not making time to prospect
-Overthinking/Trying to make it perfect

Here's what I've learned over the years ...

-Don't over think it. It is not for us to judge if we are calling someone too early or too late or too often, or if they will or won't want to receive our mailer or email. Allow them to choose if it is right for them by not answering the call, discarding the mailer, unsubscribing from or deleting the email, or not coming to the event. Even if they do all of those things, you've still achieved a big part of your purpose which is to remind them that you are still here, you are still in real estate, and you are still ready, willing and able to help them.

-It doesn't have to be perfect. Nothing is. Start with something and do that consistently. Edit and improve as you go. It is better to send or do something that is not perfect than to do nothing at all ... because while you are waiting to get it just right, many others are out there doing it, calling, mailing, emailing. Even though you may be someone's Realtor® of choice that they have worked with on their last several transactions, chances are they are receiving marketing from others via Facebook ads, geographic farming, and more. Don't take past relationships (or transactions) for granted.

-Have a system. Developing a system or a plan for what you will do and when solves the not knowing what to do and much of the not having or not making time issues. For 10+ years I did the same every other month postcard drawing mailers, and annual calendar magnets/holiday cards with a few pop bys sprinkled in. It was a simple system, and was easy for me to execute because I knew what I was going to do and when. Then over the past 7+ years I've really stepped up my personal prospecting and Vicky Noufal and I started creating entire plans for the full year. As of today, December 10th, we already know when we will roll out new pop by choices, when we will do our postcard mailers, when our email giveaways will go out, when our events will be, when our pop by mailers will go out and more FOR ALL OF 2020!

Can I tell you what a relief it is to have this planned and done? We've "automated" it the best we can, and while there is still work and activity to be done for each "step" it is much less overwhelming because we know the what and the when. This is the Client Care Plan that we then carry out with our team, and that I teach through Empower Coaching.

Whatever you do, do it consistently. Start now ... plan out what you will do for the rest of the year, put it in your calendar and do it. Then move on to January, and so on. Start with something. Maybe it's just 3 calls per day. Maybe it's 2 notes per day. Start somewhere and build on it.

Do you have a documented marketing plan for your year?



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