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What Does A Productive Day Look Like To You?

October 25, 2019

What does a productive day look like for you in your real estate business?

I was tagged in a post on this topic a couple days ago in the Lab Coat Agents group, and couldn't help but talk about it here. If you've been around any length of time you know that productivity, time management, balancing real life with real estate and scheduling are my jam. I could talk on and on about these topics. I love finding ways to be more efficient and productive with my time ... and of course then sharing it with you!

So what does a productive day look like for me? I'll preface it with this ... what works for me today did not work for me 6 months ago, and definitely not 6 years ago. The key that I have found is constantly testing and tweaking to find a rhythm and a formula that works for you in your current season.

Right now I'm in a season that is a little different as I am shifting from my own personal sales into more time spent managing and supporting my team of 32 incredible women (and 1 very brave man!). My kids are in 3 different schools this year, so mornings are hectic ... but I know this time is coming to a close as my oldest will be driving next year (Jesus, take the wheel. Literally, take the wheel!)

Here is a little peek into what my day looks like currently ...

5:30-6 am - Up and at 'em! As I've been staying up later watching the World Series this week (actually, my husband is watching and I've been using this as a chance to catch up on work), it's been more like 6 when I get up.

6-6:45/7 am - Start the tea kettle. Dogs fed and let out. Kittens fed. Throw in a load of wash (after years of doing this daily, I've added a little help in this area of my life recently ... more on that another day). Unload the dishwasher. Morning "quiet" time. What fills me up during this time varies. I always check in here first (I've taken to writing our daily post the day before), sometimes reading, check in with my favorite blogs, a quick email scan to delete the junk and forward anything that can be delegated, maybe some journaling.

7-8 am - THE MOST DIFFICULT HOUR OF THE DAY. Get myself ready. Help the 10 year old to get up, ready, fed, medicated, etc. Make sure the teenagers are moving. Try to keep them from talking to each other as explosions often ensue as a result. Do my best to limit any yelling, name calling, crying and physical violence (let's be real, sometimes we get all of these in a single morning). Help with breakfasts and lunches. Forget to eat breakfast myself. RUSH out the door late for the first drop off.

8-9:15 am - Mom's Taxi Service, at your service! With traffic and 3 stops involved, it takes over an hour to deliver everyone to their school and then get myself to the office. So why do I do it? Because this time is precious to me. Kids are more likely to talk in the car (why is that?). Don't get me wrong, it's definitely not precious every day, but I know this time is fleeting so I will enjoy it while I can. After the boys are dropped off I return calls, brainstorm with my business partner, or listen to podcasts until I arrive at the office. (Photo from one of our morning "commutes".)

I am not a rigid time block person, so there aren't specific times that I do things during the majority of my day, but I do like a particular rhythm to my day.

Upon arriving to the office my first tasks are my daily business building tasks. Writing a certain number of notes, making a certain number of calls, give 1 referral, and add 1 person to my database. For a long time I would do 1 pop by per day, dropping off during my drive in when possible, now I outsource delivery.

If I've gotten this far, then I consider the day a big win! When scheduling client appointments, my preference was either first thing in the morning after dropping off the kids, and/or around 2-3 pm. Then I use the time in between to manage transactions, prospect, support my team and more. Now my day tends to be more time spent on team initiatives (the last many weeks have been full of retreat and 2020 prep) and on my Empower Coaching business.

I like to make my time "work for me" (as in serve double duty) whenever possible. If I am lunching alone I eat at my desk and watch a video or listen to a podcast to learn something. I have a folder in my email called "brain food" where I keep things that I want to watch or read later. If I am lunching with someone it is almost always a business lunch where we are planning or working on new marketing strategies.

One of the most powerful things I learned to implement in my business 6+ years ago when I was a managing broker was to set an end time. This will vary depending on your day and if you have late appointments. At least two days per week I have to leave at 3:15 to pick up my youngest from school. The other days I can stay later. I know based on the day what time I plan to wrap up. Just knowing that time, and that I don't want to do any proactive work when I get home (I'll still take calls, respond to messages, etc as needed) I find that I am much more productive during the day knowing my "deadline".

Evenings these days involve some sort of sports practice or game or toting a teen or two to an activity and back. I prioritize dinner around the table with the whole family together. Sometimes that means eating early, sometimes not until 8 pm, but we try to do this more nights than not. When my schedule was heavy with client appointments I would not miss dinners at home two nights in a row.

Most nights I go to bed when my kids do (or at least when the youngest does), usually around 9-9:15 pm.

You can see snippets of my day on my Instagram stories, https://www.instagram.com/karen.w.cooper/

Tell us about your day!



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