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Have you Seen This Poll?

October 23, 2019

Have you seen this poll that I posted in the group last week?

Out of 227 most recent transactions, only FIVE came from paid lead sources (like Zillow, Realtor.com and paid Facebook/social media ads).

In fact a full 75% of these transactions came from referrals, sphere of influence or the agent's database.

Now look. I'm forever looking for ways to do things better and easier, and for Heaven's sake, FASTER, but I'm here to tell you ... and this poll is confirming it ... if you are not focusing on these segments as a significant pillar in your business (they are my biggest one, and have been for well over a decade) then you ARE missing out.

Here's the truth though ...

It's not overnight.

It's not even fast.

You will have to invest time and money.

You must be consistent.

But this is also true ...

It is a way of business that is sustainable for the long haul.

It is an enjoyable way of doing business.

It is an approach based on giving and generosity.

Have I convinced you yet that this is the way to go?


Need a system for staying top of mind?

I can help!

Over my 17 years in business and well over 700 personal homes sold I have developed a system that we now call our Client Care Program. This is a system that I teach my team (on track to close over $200M in volume this year), and now teach through my Empower Coaching program.

Enrollments are open now ... but will be closing on October 31st! You can learn more by messaging me or by visiting our website at www.EmpoweringWomenInRealEstate.com and click on Membership.

What is your favorite way of doing business?



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