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Taking Action!

March 11, 2019

I was reading a book recently about success and one of the concepts the author talked about was the importance of taking action.

The problem though is that we often become so overwhelmed with the idea of all we need to do I order to accomplish our goals that we freeze. Instead of something something, making progress, we do nothing.

Does this sound familiar to you?

it sure does to me.

Instead, identify the next step (and only the next step) that you need to complete in the progression towards your goal, no matter how seemingly obvious or small.

For example, is your goal to start a postcard campaign to your geographic farm? Your next step (assuming you have already identified your farm) is to select a printing company to print and send your postcards. You could even further break this down to "post on local Realtor® for printing company suggestions".

Maybe your goal is to have a client appreciation party. Your next step would be to decide what kind of party you are going to have. (A side note here, we have a special How To Guide available in the EWRE Shop that walks you through EVERY step for having a Client Appreciation Event at the movies! Go to www.EmpoweringWomenInRealEstate.com and click on Shop.)

Perhaps your goal is to sign your first listing. Your next step may be to put together the components of your listing presentation.

Or maybe you just need to get yourself in for a haircut! Next step, write down "call salon" on your to do list. Sure, you could just make the call right now, but you are probably feeling a bit too overwhelmed by everything (which is why you haven't done it).

No matter what it is that you need to or want to accomplish, there is something so powerful about simply identifying your next step. Forget for just a moment about the 15 other steps, and just focus on the one next step. Identify it. Write it down. Then do it. Then repeat.

What is just ONE next step that you can take today to get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?



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