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Time Management

July 23, 2016

Who is running your day? Are you in charge of it (as much as you can in this business) or is it running you?

I recently watched a video with Tom Ferry and he said that there is so much drama when your day isn't designed. Isn't that the truth? As much as I like to think it's fun to wake up in the morning on a work day and just see where the day takes me, I've learned that it is actually more stressful. The important things tend not to get done, my day is driven by the phone ringing or what's in my email inbox, and there is no real sense of direction.

Tom talked in the video about building your schedule around your perfect morning, and aligning your actions, your behaviors, your daily schedule, with your goal(s). I love that.

He outlined a work day like this ...
5-8 am: YOUR Perfect Morning, whatever that is for you. Reading, exercise, meditation, breakfast with your family, etc.

8-11 am: Working ON Your Business. Prospecting, client and lead follow up.

12 noon until your stop time (whatever that time is for you): Working IN Your Business. Appointments, home inspections, etc.

I really liked that the the day was segmented into large blocks, not scheduled down to the hour, which gives flexibility for the things that come up that you aren't expecting.

What does your perfect day look like?


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