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Respect & Love One Another

November 9, 2016

Our world is a constantly changing place, nothing ever stays the same for long, and that's often a good thing. 


What we must remember always is that one person will never make or break anything. Our always, never ceasing to be great Country was founded on One Nation Under God, and that will not change.


We must not discredit the impact that being kind to one another can have. Be good to people. Try to see their point of view. Someone else's differences needn't be frightening or intimidating. It is actually what makes our world a beautiful and interesting place.


My 10 year old son has the biggest, kindest heart and purest soul of anyone I have ever known. Inevitably everytime we have a teacher conference (like this week) we hear a story of how he helped a friend or classmate. How he spoke up when a bully was present. How he was able to tune into the needs of a friend and respond in a way to help someone who was hurting. Don't get me wrong ... he's all boy, fights with his brothers all the livelong day, and makes way too many fart jokes. He also sees, really sees, other people and is able to be empathetic, to reach out and help when they are hurting. I can stand to learn so much from him, a lot of us can.


Just as before the election I will continue to teach my sons how not to be an asshole. How not to be a bully. To acknowledge and respect the differences of others, to learn from them. How to hold doors open for people, to look everyone in the eye and say "please" and "thank you".


It is in the little things, how we treat one another, respect one another, love one another that will ensure that our great Country always will be.




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