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Vacation Prep

October 6, 2016

In two days from now I am headed out of town on vacation for 11 glorious days. 


Which means that this week I have been a possessed woman on fire. The further the week progresses the more tightly wound I become (I apologize to anyone who tried to interact with me yesterday, I was not my best and brightest).


That also means that I have accomplished more in the past 5 days than I normally do in a month. Projects that have sat around and haunted me for weeks (the small filing cabinet full of papers that my Dad brought over for me to go through and has sat in my garage making it impossible to get out of the passenger side of my car -- took about 90 minutes of scanning, shredding, tossing and organizing), months (cleaning out my 3 sons dressers -- took 45 minutes, tops), and years (organizing and put photos in my youngest sons baby book - he's 7! -- maybe a combined effort of 2 hours) are getting finished, I am suddenly convicted to finish them before I leave.


I'm obsessed with writing and mailing little postcards and notes to friends. My desk has never looked cleaner, and making decisions on marketing pieces I have stalled on for far too long seems to come much easier. My kids clothes are packed, the non-perishable groceries for our trip have been ordered, picked up and sitting on my dining room table for several days. Even my lists have lists so I can keep track of everything.


I tend to do some version of all of this every time I go on a week plus long vacation. So why is it that I can accomplish so much right before I go, and other times it seems like a struggle? Maybe I just need to go on more vacations?


Partly for me it is how I deal with anxiety. Traveling makes me nervous, to the point that I often dread trips in the days and weeks leading up to them. The way I cope with anxiety is to get sh*t done. Keeping busy, getting things done, takes my mind off things that worry me.


The other things I realized this time is that instead of my day to day "operations" being pushed by problems and reactionary, they are instead being led by an end goal, a dream. I want them done so I can unplug guilt free and enjoy my time completely focused on my family.


Vacation analogy aside, think of how often we do this in our businesses. We are reacting, letting our problems (putting out fires, lamenting a lack of leads or business) push us through our days instead of making decisions and being led by a dream or goal that we are striving towards.


Do you have any pre-vacation "rituals" or habits?




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