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Zone of Genius

September 8, 2016

On Tuesday my team and I went to a terrific class called the "Zone of Genius" led by Matt James and sponsored by Kara Macdonald of Pruitt Title (There is another one coming up in Arlington, VA in a week or so ... If you are in the area, I highly recommend it).


One of the exercises Matt asked us to do was to list out all of the tasks and activities that we did for our business over the course of the past week. My list had things like listing appointments, team/retreat planning, 2017 marketing planning, ratifying contracts, responding to emails, signing listings, payroll, mentoring meetings, agent interviews, scheduling appointments, appointment prep, and so on.


Then he had us plot these tasks on a matrix. There were four quadrants with boxes for incompetencies, competencies, excellence and zone of genius. The idea was that the boxes above the line were things that bring you joy, raise your energy level, make money, move your business forward, and that you are good at, and below the line you dread, have a negative (or a neutral) effect on your energy, you aren't good at, could be done by someone else, may or may not make you money, etc.


Plotting this out was so eye opening to me! First, I felt so grateful that my tasks were pretty equally split above and below the line. Most interesting though was what was in my zone of genius. For me, one of those is going on listing appointments/presentations. When I am there, I LOVE it. Absolute joy. I love learning about the house, presenting my strategies, answering questions, reviewing pricing, all of it. And when I leave I feel pumped up, excited, confident.

But ... I dread these appointments. Dread them. That makes no sense. How can something that I enjoy so much and do so well at be something that I don't necessarily look forward too?


I realized through the exercise that because of all of the other things, namely those below the line, that the appointments feel like a distraction from getting all the things done ... Only really, I need to shift my mindset. It is the other things that are the distraction, and the priority is the appointment.


Since the class I haven't had time to do much with this information yet, but I did go into my appointments yesterday with more excitement. My thought is to plot out all of my responsibilities and tasks on the matrix (including personal ones) to help me to better identify where I need to be focusing and where I need to let go, delegate, or maybe even drop all together.


What would be in your "zone of genius"?




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