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August 31, 2016

"The people, food, and countryside are all fantastic! As with most places in the world it's a small minority that ruins the peace and security."


This is from an email from a multiple time past client and old high school friend of mine who works for the State Department and is currently stationed in Islamabad.


Talk about perspective. Isn’t it the truth though in most of the big, and little, things in life? The world is a beautiful place. People are good, caring and interesting. Yet, it is the few “bad apples” if you will that can turn a company, a business, a friendship, an industry, even a country, on it’s head.


We’ve had lots of conversations on posts here this week about some agents showing bad behavior. Crossing the line legally, professionally, ethically, and even just as a basic fellow human being in the way they choose to communicate with others. 


So how do we prevent this minority from infiltrating our peace, happiness, business and lives? We don’t stand for it. We stand up for ourselves. Speak up, report illegal behavior, move away from those behaving badly, and then … move on. If you stay focused on the bad, on what’s wrong, then it is all that you will see. 


Focus on the good. Focus on the light. BE the good and the light. Eventually, as enough of us do that, and the attention is pulled away from the bad, I truly believe that they will either “get it” and behaviors will improve, or they will fade away. In our business Tom Ferry refers to those that were once very successful but stop learning and growing and their business begins to reflect that as “fading winners”. I can think of quite a few of those. Can you?




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