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Comfort Zone

August 3, 2016

For a while now, my business partner Vicky Zakkak Noufal and I have been talking about using personal videos in our marketing (not videos of our listings, we already do that). Mostly, she's been doing the talking and I've been nodding my head in faux agreement or just plain saying no.


Video myself to share with clients? Way uncomfortable. Very far out of my comfort zone. What would they think? Would I look silly? How high would I need to hold the phone or my computer so I don't have a double chin? Are my arms even long enough for that?


Vicky had also been suggesting that I start using video here in Empowering Women instead of writing each time. A really nice idea, but all the same issues as above. Plus, I like to share here early in the morning shortly after I get up while I am drinking my coffee. No time for hair and make up. 


Finally last week I decided to start playing around with it, sending video emails to my team, and doing a couple Facebook live recordings in our team Facebook group. I even signed up for a BombBomb account (for more easily creating and sharing video emails). I found quickly that not only was it easy, but it was fun! The women on my team loved it, and it was a great new way for us to interact.


So my plan was to post a video here on Friday for our 2nd anniversary of Empowering Women in Real Estate. I thought that I would "dress up" and record the video the day before, but it was one of my days home with my family and after spending a lot of time in the pool or outside, there just wasn't the right time to do it.


Then I thought maybe I would get up super early and get ready for the day first and shoot the video, or just do the video later in the day. I was quickly talking myself out of it, there was no "perfect" scenario.


And so ... I got up around 5:45 am Friday morning, fed my dogs, made my coffee ... And sat on my front porch and shot and shared a quick little video here. No make up, hair in a pony tail, still sounding sleepy. The video wasn't perfect ... I said that we had nearly 25 members, when I meant to say 2500, and this really loud crow towards the end of the video completely stopped me in my tracks, but it was done.


The point of this (probably too long) story today is that as soon as I finished, I felt ... Lighter. Easy. Relaxed. My brain felt clear. Fresh. I realized that when I have ideas, things I want to do or want to try but don't act on, that they are literally taking up space in my brain. My thoughts are clogged and foggy. Taking action, getting it done, no matter how flawed felt free.

Have you ever felt that way? What are you thinking about over and over and not taking action on? What else could that be holding you back from? Don't stay stuck in your head. Talk it out, get it out, act on it. Life is too short not to fully live it.




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