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Monday Motivation

July 25, 2016


Super Summer Boot Camp - Week 6: Business to Business Referrals

In real estate we talk a lot about our databases, and the potential for referrals within them, but there is another great source of referrals for you, and that is the "B2B", or "Business to Business Referral".

There are many benefits of having preferred service providers, people you trust to handle your business and work with your clients to ensure a smooth transaction. Our lenders and title partners are the first that come to mind, but there are so many more opportunities.

Think about the resources your clients need or may need through the course of a transaction:
-Home inspector
-Termite inspector
-Contractor - Plumber, Electrician, etc.
-Carpet/flooring replacement or cleaning
-Duct cleaning
-Professional house cleaning/move in/out cleaning
-Auction house/online selling service

Establish relationships with a company in these categories that you trust, starting with those that you use in your own home. Next time you use one of these services for yourself or for your client, send a thank you note with a stack of your business cards letting them know that you appreciate their good service, and that you will be referring them as your "preferred provider" to your clients in the future, and ask that they may do the same for you. Even better, have this conversation in person or on the phone.

Taking it a step further, our clients that move here from out of the area or from the next county or town over, they will look to you for the best resources to use, so now make a list of:
-Automotive repair
-Grocery store
-Local restaurants

Now you can do the same steps with these service providers as you did with the first group. Through this exercise, you have given yourself the opportunity to gain B2B Referrals, and also further establishing yourself as the real estate "go to" person for your clients, family, friends, etc. One of the reasons I love using Buffini's Referral Maker CRM so much is the way I can easily log and track referrals. Every time I refer out my favorite mover for example, I log the referral and notify Josh with My Guys Moving that a referral is coming his way. My weekly goals in referral maker include not just how many referrals I want to receive in a week, but also how many referrals that I will GIVE in a week.

Tasks for this week: 1) Make your "Preferred Provider" list; 2) Send out 2 notes with business cards to providers on that list; 3) Drop off business cards at every business your frequent over the next week!

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