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Monday Motivation

June 20, 2016


Super Summer Boot Camp - Week 1

It's time for your first boot camp assignment! Plan to spend an hour or so in the next week completing this task.

In order to have an intentional summer, we need to be intentional with our schedules. Take time to make two lists ... A list of 5 fun activities you want to complete this summer, and a list of 5 business activities you want to complete this summer. If you want to do more than 5, that's fine too, but strive to come up with a minimum of 5 in each category.

Fun activities could include a vacation, a day(s) at the pool, a movie with family/friends, a weekend getaway, an afternoon at a winery, etc. These should be activities outside of your regular day "off", or if you are newer in the business, then perhaps one of your activities is to schedule a day off. For me, I define a day off from real estate as a day that I do not schedule any appointments or plan to complete any work tasks. I still answer my phone/respond to voicemails, and will check in with email periodically throughout the day, but only responding to what must be responded to that day. I don't "advertise" that I am off that day, if someone requests an appointment/to meet, I simply tell them that I am not available and set it up for the next day.

Business activities could include this boot camp, delivering 10 pop bys, lunch with a client, coffee with a vendor/service provider, weekly prospecting time, updating your online profiles, etc. The idea is that this is time that you spend working ON your business, not just on the day to day tasks that need to be completed. We are running a business, not just opening doors for people. It is crucial to spend dedicated time on that. Maybe one of your business tasks is to read a real estate related book, listen to a podcast each week, or attend/complete a class or seminar.

Once you have your lists created, SCHEDULE those activities on your calendar. Don't just leave them as a to do list item, schedule an appointment with yourself on specific days throughout the summer to get them done. Now here's the important part ... Keep that appointment! How many times do we plan an activity with ourselves ... Going to the gym, time for previewing, etc., and then a client calls, or we don't finish our paperwork in time and the appointment goes out the window? Make these appointments with yourself immoveable. If something does come up that you don't have any control over that has to take precedent, then be sure to reschedule your activity.

Get involved with your accountability partner. Have a conversation this week about the items on your list and how you can help each other to get them done. Can some of the business tasks be done together at the same time? Can you cover for each other during the fun activities?

When you are finished making your lists and scheduling your activities, comment here! If you like, feel free to share some or all of the tasks you will be working on. You may help to inspire someone else!

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