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May 14, 2016


Why do so many of us look outside ourselves for safety, security, validation?

Have you ever done this? I certainly have, particularly when I was much younger, in my teens and early twenties. It shows up in unhealthy relationships.

It shows up in bullying too. The mean girls who find their validation and success in trying to push down or detract from others. 

It can also show up in our business, in the lies we tell ourselves. That we can't be successful without "x" (a person, place or thing to hang onto). Or in the stories that others tell us to try to keep us where they want us (you can't do it without me).

The bottom line is that you can. Really, you probably already have, you just don't recognize it. 

I've learned this twice over for myself in my career. Hearing I'd never make it or do as well without ____________. Only both times, I did. And both times came out so much better, so much stronger on the other side than if I had stayed stuck where I was.

In her new book, "Find Your Extraordinary" by Jessica Dilullo Herrin (a great read!), the author talks about how in business we know what to do, we just need the motivation and inspiration to actually do it. Isn't that so true? We know that we need to preview listings. We know that we need to call our clients to check in. We know that we need to ask for referrals. We know all of these things and more, but yet we struggle with the motivation, the push to actually get it done. This is our career, and so many of us treat it as our hobby.

The mind is a powerful tool. YOUR mind is your most powerful asset. Make the decision to live the life you want, to make things happen for yourself, to do the things you already know to do. To build the type of business you want on your terms. You can, and when you fully understand that, you will.


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