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Administrative Professionals Day

April 27, 2016


Do you have people who support you in running your business? We all do, whether they work directly for us or support our brokerage as a whole.

I've long been a terrible delegator, for all the usual reasons. I like to maintain "control" myself. I wasn't sure someone else could do it the same way I could. I didn't have time to teach someone else how to do it. It was faster if I just did it myself. Only all of those things weren't true. I just needed the right people in the right places.

Before taking a break to be a managing broker in late 2012, Colleen Fox (who is now an amazing agent) was my assistant for about 9 months. Only for the first 2-3 months I gave her nothing to do. I didn't want to offend her by asking her to do the "little" (but extremely important) things like putting on lockboxes and printing brochures. Eventually we got into a groove and it worked beautifully, but only on specific tasks that I would ask for help with, I could never let go. Didn't understand how. 

Last year when I came back to the field and then began building a team with Vicky Zakkak Noufal, we knew we needed help and we knew where. There are certain things in this business that only we can and should do ... contract negotiating, prospecting, business planning, etc. But there are so many other things that are not my gifts, that I'm not good at, areas where others really shine and by understanding what those areas are, and who those people are has truly been life and business changing. I'm not giving up control, I'm partnering with those who are gifted in areas that I am not, who are also vested and focused on the business, our clients and the goal, and it is so refreshing.

Edyta Simmons is our Marketing Director and she supports our entire team with ensuring that everything we do has a consistent, professional and classic look. Can I create my own flyers and brochures? Yes. But it takes me 3-4 times longer than it takes Dee and mine don't look as good! She has an incredible eye for detail, and this is truly her gift. Creating, personalizing and putting together the most clever pop bys, housewarming party invitations, broker's open flyers, website management, social media support and more, she does it all beautifully and with a focus, creativity and style that I never could.

Melissa Koch Jeck is our Client Care Manager. She's figured me out and doesn't wait for me to assign tasks, she takes control and gets things done professionally, efficiently and with true thoughtfulness and care for our clients. From planning client appreciation parties to team events, tracking numbers, processing transactions, and so much more, I feel like I have (and truly have) a true partner in the day to day details of my business, and it feels so good! 

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. Whether you have someone who supports you directly or the transaction coordinators, administrative assistants and receptionists who support your office/brokerage as a whole, take some time to acknowledge them and thank them today. Tag them here in the comments (add them to the group if they aren't members before tagging). If you are struggling with overwhelm in your business, take the leap and hire an administrative partner. It will be the best thing you ever do.

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