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March 25, 2016


Recently I was watching an old interview with Steve Harvey. He's a really interesting guy, having been through many ups and downs in his lifetime. He is very focused on how his mindset and how the people he surrounds himself with impacts his life and his success. He said that if you have a group of 10 friends and 8 of them are broke, eventually they all will be. Have a group of 6 friends and 5 smoke, soon they all will.

It's an interesting thought, kind of like the "peer pressure" you experience as a child in middle school or high school, only for adults. 

I've experienced this in my own life again and again. When my "circle" of friends/colleagues have been stagnant in their business, riding the plateau, my business was the same. When I was part of a team struggling through the market crash, not investing in moving forward, my business completely crashed as well. When I didn't have a strong group around me to help push me forward, I could easily fall into the mindset of fear that my extended family laid on me like a blanket, stuck.

But ... when I've focused on filling my inner circle with people who believe in me, who believe anything is possible, who constantly look for new ways of doing things, instead of reasons they won't work, it's like magic. I still work hard, but it feels easy. Fun. Light.

Think about those you surround yourself with, who you spend the majority of your time with. Are you trying to grow in your business and the majority of your circle is content where they are? Eventually, guess whose business will stop growing. Are you surrounded by mean people who spew hate and negativity when they get the chance? In time, that will start to creep into your heart too. Are you spending your days affiliated with people who are unhappy with the status quo, but too afraid of the unknown to try to change it? That fear will cover you up as well and keep you stuck. 

Make adjustments if you must. Look to those who are succeeding in the areas that you want to succeed, and not just business ... in health, in faith, in family life ... and work to surround yourself with those people. 

You can either be pulled down or pulled up by your associations. The choice is yours.

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