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February 24, 2016


What motivates you, propels you forward toward your accomplishments?

A lot of people may say, "my family", "having a goal", "winning", even "making money", but stop and really think about it for a moment ... When you are making a change in your life, when you are growing and accomplishing things, being propelled forward, is it because a problem is pushing you in that direction, pushing you to take action, or are you being led there by your dreams?

Really think about it for a moment. When I look back, think back over my experiences and the times that I grew the most, I was more often being pushed by my problems. A problem/situation/issue in my life had become so uncomfortable that there was no choice but to act, to move, to take a step in another direction. As a result, these experiences were painful, lengthy, long and drawn out, and not usually welcomed ... until I got to the other side of course and realized what it was all about.

Then when I think about the times that my dream, my goal, led me to act, progress seemed ... easier. Not that there still wasn't hard work involved with change, but it didn't seem to be as painful, it was joyful even.

I suppose there is no right way. Both approaches will eventually get you in the direction you are suppose to go, but I do think that when your dreams are leading that you will go farther, faster.

Can you see how this principle has been at work in your life? Do you tend to be pushed or led? Are you experiencing something right now that feels like pushing? Instead, why not stop a moment. Think about the direction you are moving in, change your internal dialogue about that experience and visualize, dream about how it could be different. Then instead of being pushed by the "problem" that "started" it all, let that dream lead you. I have a feeling that it may make all the difference.


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