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February 17, 2016


Do you have fun with your work?

I love to watch Jimmy Fallon. I can never stay awake to watch his show live, but I love catching funny clips on Facebook, and I saw his Valentine special over the weekend. As you are watching him interact with his guests and participating in skits you can tell that he is just having a genuinely great time, joyful really.

Last night watching the Grammys, I was thinking the same thing of Taylor Swift. The camera catches her singing along to other artist's performances, and she seems genuinely happy and excited when others win.

Recently I stopped for a quick lunch between appointments and the server helping me was so friendly, so confident in his tone, it struck me what a great job he was doing and how he seemed to be truly enjoying his work. He was like a breath of fresh air and it was a joy to interact with him, and made me want to visit the restaurant again.

Now ... think about how you interact with others in your business. Do you have fun? A smile on your face? Respond joyfully? Yes, we are in a "serious" profession. Yes, helping people buy and sell homes is important work, but I don't think that means that the majority of our clients want us to be stiff and frownie-faced. That does not equal competence or professionalism. Instead, think about the fast food server I encountered. Because of his smile, his pleasant way of being I just assumed he was doing a great job, and probably would have been more forgiving if he didn't.

This can be so hard to do in our industry. If you are new, it can be discouraging trying to find your way and get started. When you've been around a while you've had those experiences again and again where you spend an entire weekend with a buyer only to have them pop into a model home without you, register without you and proceed to buy there, without you. Or the seller that you struggle with for months, then they re-list with someone else at the exact same price and it goes under contract in a matter of days. You become jaded, skeptical. We approach each dreamy, unrealistic buyer wish with a frown and a no, and a "this will never work out", instead of a playful joke, a smile, and focusing on the possibilities instead of the impossible.

Do you love what you do? We talk about it like we do, but our face, our actions, our attitudes often tell a different story. We have an incredible opportunity to help others, to serve others, to assist them in buying their home ... the base of their life, their memories, something that they may only do a few times in their lifetime. It is a gift to be able to help in this way, to serve in this way. Find the joy in what you are doing and offer that to others. I promise, it will take you far.

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