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November 17, 2015


Yesterday we talked about saying yes ... yes to life ... yes to things we say no to mostly because we are afraid.

Today, let's talk about saying no. Jennifer Koppenhaver-Benitez mentioned that she feels like she has swung in the opposite direction from saying yes to everything to saying no to everything. There should be a healthy balance, and how do you figure that out? Know your priorities, know your why.

We can't do and accomplish all the things and be everything to all people (repeating this in the mirror to myself right now). Every time we say yes to something ... 
-Running out the door for the disrespectful client who always wants to see houses with 1 hour notice on a Sunday morning 
-Answering the phone at 11 pm at night or 6:30 am in the morning for the local client who wants to chat about what color they should paint the kitchen 
-Leading the PTA committee for the fall fundraiser
-Watching a friend's kids on a weekday that school is closed because she has to work (you do too!)

Means saying no to something else ...
-Church services/Sunday morning breakfast with your family
-Restful sleep/morning quiet time to help you recharge and get ready for your day
-Extra time to spend prospecting, taking a client to lunch, visiting your child at school for lunch/spending an hour in their classroom
-Spending the day doing something fun with your children or spending a focused day of work in your business

So when faced with the "can you", "will you", "you're invited", "can you help", take a moment and think first before you automatically respond. Is this something you would love to do but are afraid/not sure you're good enough/talented enough, "ready"? Then you should probably say yes. In saying yes, what will you have to say no to, and which of those is more important?

What are things in your life right now that you are saying "yes" to when you should really be saying "no"?

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