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Falling Back in Love with Real Estate

September 3, 2015

While I was on vacation in July I noticed that the stone in my engagement ring was loose. I took it off and set it aside, and finally took it to the jewelers to be tightened (Caulkins in Leesburg, VA -- the best!). The nice folks there also cleaned it for me ... cleaned the stone and polished the platinum band and setting. When I picked it up yesterday between appointments I was amazed when the clerk took it out for me. I've always loved my ring, and while I knew it had dulled over time, I didn't realize just how much until I saw it all polished up and cleaned. As the clerk handed it to me, she said, "Now you can fall in love with it all over again!"

Her comment reminded me of a conversation with an agent friend a couple weeks ago who commented that after a couple of particularly difficult transactions, that she had "fallen out of love" with real estate. That happens to us all from time to time doesn't it?

In the beginning, every thing is new and exciting. Every call and appointment is viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow and expand your business. Over time, the luster starts to wear off. Those tough transactions, losses and long hours can really wear you down, without even realizing how much, and your excitement for your business can dull.

For me, I've learned that the best way to keep that shine and excitement, and even just the energy to keep going through the rough days is to spend time with like minded people ... This group is a big part of that! Working closely with people I know and trust keeps me motivated and energized. While I may be having a bad day today, someone else's energy can help to bring me up and vice versa.

Do you ever have those days/times when you feel like you need to fall back in love with real estate all over again? What is favorite way to do it?


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