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Laying Foundation

August 18, 2015



My goodness, isn't this the truth. I came across a video yesterday from Gloria Mayfield Banks that I found on Facebook (Richmond Everhart Coburn, I think I found her originally through you). This woman is a leader in her field (Mary Kay cosmetics) and incredibly successful. In the video she was talking about things to say no to in order to increase your success. One of the things she talked aboutwas the importance of "studying". This is so applicable in what we do. When is the last time that you studied or practiced your listing presentation, your buyer presentation, or reviewed some scripts for handling objections? I don't mean sitting in a class or training but really studied what you will say, what you will do. We seem to do that so little in this business. If you've been doing this a long time, then you probably have your presentations down, but there is always room to learn and grow and improve. My first 6 years in this business were spent as a listing specialist on a very successful RE/MAX team. Practicing scripts, out loud, in front of the group, was a regular thing. I HATED IT. But ... I came to love the results, and still do. Laying that foundation of knowing what to say, practicing the words so they felt comfortable and flowed easily was invaluable. Practice, study, preparation is definitely not glamorous, and usually not fun, but is really vital in this business (and most every other) to true success and stability. How do you practice/prepare/study and do you do this on a regular basis?


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